Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) can make the difference between a website attracting visitors, and therefore potential revenue, or languishing in online obscurity...

Our search engine optimization process includes the following:


To track your progress we first need to see where you are. For example, if you are a Milton gift basket company, we check to see how you rank in all the major search engines for Milton gift basket, Milton corporate gift basket, Milton fruit gift basket, etc. If you are aiming at all of Canada as your market, we will focus specifically on Canadian SEO. If the globe is your market, we look beyond Canada to the world.

Competitive Research & Analysis

We look at your competitors to see what they're doing online including who is well optimized and who isn't. We also use this opportunity to get to know more about your business. Because an important part of optimization involves connecting you with prospects through word matching, the more familiar we can get with the products, services, and language of your industry, the better off we are.

Technical Site Analysis

Your site's technical structure including programming elements, page structures, link titling, dynamic content, and other variables, can stop search engines from properly indexing your site - or even stop them from seeing the site altogether. We use several practiced SEO techniques to analyze your site for these problems.


Keyword Research & Analysis

Search Optimization is partly a matching game. If most prospects search for "a holiday package" (like they do in England) and your site only says "vacation packages" (like we say in Canada), that majority will never connect with you. Consider that example multiplied by the several dozen words and hundreds of combinations of words interested searchers might use to find you. Now you see why keywords and key phrases are vital to the success of your search optimization campaign and why it takes experience and professional software tools to put your site ahead of the rest.

Search Engine Submission

Many companies sell on the idea that they submit your site to "hundreds" of search engines, as if that is valuable or difficult. It isn't either. In fact, four search engines make up over 90% of web searches (Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN) and you don't typically even need to submit to those anymore. (Remember they're in the business of providing the best results which means they've learned to find you by 'crawling' the web instead of you having to contact them.) In fact, improper submissions or repeated submissions can hurt your site's ranking; no one likes their bell rung too many times or too hard.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) for 10 page web site: $300.00 /per year
 For each addtional page: $25.00 /per year
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